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Jeg har gennem et års tid haft min YouTube-kanal på engelsk, hvor jeg deler nogle af mine perspektiver udfra mit klarsyn og mine egne perceptioner af verden. Jeg har indtil nu talt meget om verdenssituationen, som den har set ud siden marts 2020. Herunder kan du se nogle af videoerne med de engelske beskrivelser under.

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When it is healthy to hide

Part ll of why it is sometimes so healthy and important not to burst out and show yourself. Why it need to be the right time. AND WHY being a victim of narcissistic abuse gives you the possibility to realise certain things about what is going on right now.

Why it can be a healthy sign not to show yourself

It is a cliché to tell someone to: just show themselves to the world. Just be brave enough… And there is great truth in that cliché. You really should show YOU… But at the right time. Here is my experiences and perspective on why it can be a very very clever thing and absolutely perfect that you in some periods of your life really hide who you really are.

Parents save the world

If you want to save the world and save the children – then save the parents – the parenthood. Parenthood are under extreme pressure.

Bad stuff always exposes itself

Humanity is beautiful. Most people contain so much light and love that their hearts and cannot be truly darkened or mislead. To a certain point a lot of people can be mislead and darkened, by abusing them and their basic needs, without they sense it, so we loose connection to ourselves – especially by abusing the bond between parents and their children. We have entire population who long for their parents – therefore you can tell them everything, if you act like a parent/protecting authority – BUT ONLY UNTIL A CERTAIN POINT. When we are in the moment of truth – the tipping point, when your heart should choose. Then most people choose love. They will all know that they are loved. You can be sedated, but a heart of love can never be dark to the core. And that is why light will always win. And dark will always end up exposes and destroying itself. Not because light destroys them. Because in their eager to destroy, they expose and destroy themselves. Dark energy has another agenda than love and light. But light is always the winner just because it is shining. Keep shining beautiful soul. Keep loving. Keep believe Light is always stronger than dark.

Don’t convince others who you are

What is truly making a radical and beautiful change, and why that is what I want to talk about today. I have felt an obligation and felt called to share some of my channeled messages about events that actually scare me. That has been good and right for me. I could continue to do that, but at this moment it will make me feel like I should do it to convince someone. I really don’t like that – and I really don’t like scary event, that I predict and the I see them happen later. But I also see that this will end up good and beautiful. One thing I know is that certain behaviour is very beneficial in the time we live in. That is sharing your light.

Advanced victim blaming

Advanced victim blaming – it has to be allowed to address negativity and abuse done to you without being accused or blamed for being the reason for the abuse and the negativity attacking you.

Sharing or not

– Many people find it hard maybe even scary to share your perspective because of censorship from everywhere. The pressure is hard. I explain why I now temporarily have changed settings on facebook to make it more emotionally possible for me to share what I feel obligated to share on social media. – The feeling of leaving people behind by not sharing vs protecting yourself from negative energy against you – temporarily needing to pull back. – A perspective on why many people reject and deny. – About slowly boundary pushing and end up being manipulated.